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1994 · New Fire Truck ordered.· Department celebrates its 100th Anniversary.
1993 · Second floor bar completed.
1992 · New ambulance purchased.· Old ambulance will be used as a Rescue Truck (painted and repaired).
1991 · Back wall of Fire House was moved back to made additional space on first floor.
1990 · Computer was purchased and set up for department use.
1989 · New used  Fire Truck purchased.
1988 · Renumbering the District:  Matt McLean’s Eagle Scout Project — somewhat completed; however, never put in use.
1987 · “Jaws of Life” purchased.·To be eligible for department membership: Eighteen or more; Good Health; Good character; Live within 3 miles of fire house or employed in the Fire District.
1986 · Emergency Squad offers
$2,500 to help pay for the repair of the back wall of the Fire House.
1985 · False alarm problem at Pathfinder Village.· Trucks are not to be taken across the South Edmeston bridge.· OSHA  requires all firemen to heave a health physical.· Food Trailer to be set up for Mud Bogg race.
1984 · New ambulance purchased.· Department did a fine job at the Mullet fire.· Pancake Day.· As of January 1985, Department will fall under the watchful eye of OSHA
1983 · Host of the 1983 Otsego County Firemen’s Convention

  • Ad Book
  • Banquet
  • Dance
  • Firematics
  • Queens contest
  • Parade

· Six (6) new pagers purchased.

· Encoder struck by lightning once again.

· Chiefs Report:

51 Calls (231 miles one way, 1277 man hours)

13 Chimney fires

19 Fire calls

9 Miscellaneous

11 mutual aid calls/2 mutual aid received

1982 · Pathfinder Village now has an automatic fire alarm system.· New Scott Air Paks are purchased.· Department participated in parade and firematics at the Otsego County Fair in Morris.· Emergency Squad holds demonstration of the use of Vetter Air Bags.· New firematics uniforms purchased.· Three (3) hay thermometers are in place within the county — if temperature gets over 175 degrees (very critical) should stand by with Fire Department.· New overhead doors for Fire House.· Benefit dance held for Harrington twins.
1981 · Annual picnic is an all day affair this year:

  • Band
  • Softball
  • Chicken
  • Raffles etc.

· 40 fire calls this year

1980 · Received notice from Central National Bankk raising the interest on loan to 16.5%.  Loan was paid off within days.· Testimonial Dinner for Fred Tilbe.· New furnace installed.
1979 · Emergency Squad purchases house next to the Fire House to be torn down and space used for parking.· New York Central Mutual Insurance Co. to donate money for chairs at the Fire House.· Mini Pumper is purchased.
1978 · Building cost $20,992.55 so far.· Motion to buy another black flag drape.· Letter going out for donation for Fire House construction.· Firemen to flag at MotoCross.· Open House to view additions to Fire House.
1977 · 3 CB mobile sets installed in trucks – 1 CB Base in Fire House.· Building Committee looking for funds.· Pause in Siren rings to determine fire or emergency.· Donations for filling swimming pools.· Thanked New York Central Mutual for donating clams for our Annual Picinic.· Resolution made that the Department can borrow $12,000 for Fire House construction.
1976 · Telephone installed in Fire House – unlisted.· Rotary to use Fire House on July 4th.· Another Mini Barn and 9 other prized raffled.· Uniforms ordered.· Building Committee estimates the cost of rstall and second story at $12,574.
1975 · Siren installed.· Hose Team practice for contests.· Annual Summer Picnic will be at the Little League field.· Auxiliary puts on Turkey Supper for Department funds.· Department to help Recreation Association build pavilion at Little League field.· Mini Barn will be donated and raffled off for funds for the department.· Construction Committee formed to build second floor and extra bay on Fire House.
1974 · A successful Convention – Parade, Carnival, Queen Contest, Program book, band.
Tot Finder stickers to be distributed with calendars.· Federal Siren System ordered.· Fire Calls:  24;   First Aid Calls:  118
1973 · New jackets ordered.· Firematics team will participate at Morris (County) Fair.· Renumbering the Fire district discussed.· Annual Convention to be held in Edmeston in July 1974.· New siren system returned — looking for another.
1972 · Auxiliary reactivated.· Automatic fire detection systems now in Otsego School, Edmeston Central School and New
York Central Mutual.· Letters sent out letters to home owners in district regarding need for funds.· New tanker chassis purchased.· Department members to work at Moto Cross.· New siren system ordered.· Auxiliary hosts a dance.· $25 donation to flood relief in Elmira.· Fire calls:  16;  Ambulance calls: 118
1971 · Received a letter from New York State Division of Fire Safety concerning bomb scares.· Changes in By-Laws and Constitution.
1970 · Birthday calendars fundraiser continues.· Edmeston First Aid Squad — 86 calls.
1969 · To have a money maker for the swimming pool – dance.· New Fire Truck by Christmas.· Reminder — no liquor new Fire Trucks (this includes beer!).
1968 · Department to sell Birthday Calendars.· Sent member to Swimming Pool meeting.· Bowling team to go to State Tournament.· New flagpole — in memory of Brian Cady.· Purchased new boots and coats.
1967 · No Ox Roast; however plans for a Donation Dinner.· Talk about a second floor for Fire House.· New ambulance — 1967 Cadillac — Open House held.· County Firemen’s Queen contest.· Purchased Scott Air Paks.· Auxiliary invited to attend Annual Meeting.
1966 · 1956 Ford Tanker purchased.· Fire extinguishers were sold to help pay for tanker.· Companies money turned over to Deparment.· Ox Roast and Dance fundraisers held.· Old tanker sold for $200.
1965 · Fred Tilbe new Chief.· Garrattsville formed own Fire District.· By-Laws changed.· Ox Roast held and Fire Queen named.
1964 · Grange and Department to supply Fire numbers for each house.

  • 438 signs subsequently mapped.

· Edmeston Fire District: #1 Edmeston Company, #2 Garrattsville Company divided some money.

· Women’s Auxiliary bought stickers for telephones in the district.

· Grange and Fire Department pu out numbers ($1 requested from each homeowner).

· Siren test second Tuesday of each month at 7:30.

1963 · Garattsville – No. 2 Company of Edmeston District.· Paid $100 toward Garrattsville siren.· Ox Roast and Dance fundraiser held.· Chose Queen for County Association.· First Aid Squad:  15 members:  11 men, 4 women.· Installed seat belts in trucks.· Drive sealed.· New By-Laws.
1962 · Advanced First Aid Course finished in May.· Ambulance purchased (1955 Cadillac).· Fund drive for ambulance held.· Dance for panel truck fund at Skating Rink.· Purchased equipment for Drum and Bugle Corps.· First associate members – Women for First Aid Squad.
1961 · Fire phone system installed ($150 received from Rotary for this
purpose).· Purchased uniforms to Auxiliary and yellow coats for Fire Police.· Edmeston and Burlington Grange numbered the homes in the Fire Districts.· Ox Roast/Beef Dinner fundraisers held at school.· Voted No Bingo.· County Fire Mutual Aid system planned.· Solicitation of funds for Recuperator.
1960 · 10 members from Garrattsville proposed.
Ox Roast held in August.· Flags purchased for Color Guard.· First Aid Squad formed.· Change in By-Laws.
1959 · Wrote to the County about the bad condition of North Edmeston road.· Proposed to organize a First Aid Squad.· Dr. Phelps appointed Fire Surgeon.· Obtained tower for siren.· Ox Roast held in August.· Fire Police organized.
1958 · Photo taken of each Fireman.· Ox Roast held in August.· 36 badges purchased — men to buy same.· New tanker in service.· Opera House Fire.
1957 · Fire siren is to be moved to New Fire House.· No Ox Roast to be held this year.· 3 or 4 new type gas masks approved.
1956 · Discussed new Fire House.· Voted to Build:

  • Across from Grange
  • One story
  • 4 stalls
  • Cement block walls

· Donation dance held.

1955 · Glass installed in doors of Fire House.· Fire House doors to be locked. Kids unhooked everything on Fire Truck.· Nursing Home Fire.
1954 · 18 Calls —
70 miles one way — $9,085 in losses.· Blackboard is placed in Fire House for incoming calls.· New uniforms distributed; Practice session on marching.· Contract signed for fire protection of Burlington, Edmeston & New Lisbon.· Surveyed farms to locate water supplies.
1953 · Insurance coverage for members injured in fire service.· Sponsored summer baseball (7 teams).· Firemen informed on Civil Defense.· Purchased used Tanker Truck (750 gallon).· Street cleaning and washing detail.· Rain insurance purchased on Ox Roast.
1952 · Lowered age from 21 to 18 for members.· Memorial Day Parade – Uniformed members to march.· Ox Roast at Guy Hickling Farm.· Edmeston won First Prize at New Berlin for Best Appearing Company.· Outlying Districts to be covered by our Fire Department.
1951 · First Aid Squad dropped.· Decided to join with Red Cross to form a First Aid group.· Joined both Chenango and Otsego Firemen’s Associations.· Sold tickets to Minstrel Show.· Donated to the school band.
1950 · Fire school held in Edmeston.· Talk was given on proposed swimming pool.· New Fire Truck delivered.· First Aid Squad formed.· Inhalator changed over to Resuscitator.
1949 · First Ox Roast held.· Purchased uniforms for all members who will march in parades.· Ernie Russ puts on dance for Firemen.· Department to sell fire extinguishers.· Fire Police formed.· 100 copies of new By-Laws to be printed.
1948 · Thank you to New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Company for purchasing Clams for Annual Meeting.· County Association Convention held here with Raffle: 2 door Chevrolet as fist prize.· Purchased new uniforms — half paid by firemen and half by the Department.· $1,500 profit made on hosting Convention.
1947 · Start Rural Fire Protection District.· Viewed movie on fighting of fire with fog.· Voted to purchase hats — Fire Company to pay half and members half.· Fire at Second Baptist Church.
1946 · West Edmeston talking about forming their own Fire Company.· Field Days – 4th of July and V-J Day.· New Pumper.· Pumped both trucks from hydrants with very good results.
1942 · Blackout procedures.· Practice with Air Raid Wardens.· Ordered 50 books on Civil Defense.· Recruitment of new members.· Street Dance.
1941 · To remain with Chenango and Central New York Firemen’s Associaltion.
1939 · All firemen should put more interest into our work as Firemen, for it saved many dollars to property owners and
keeps insurance rates down.· July 4th celebration (profits divided with baseball team).
1938 · Annual dinner.
1936 · New tires put on truck.· Donkey basketball game held.
1935 · Chiefs Report:

  • 8 alarms (3 in Fire District, 5 rural)

· Voted to remain in the Chenango County Association.

· Dr. Granger talks on First Aid — First Aid kit to be carried on truck at all times.

1934 · Annual Banquet — Steak dinner held at the Gaskin House.
1933 · Ordered/purchased 100 new By-Laws books.· Convention:

  • Banquet
  • Street Decorations
  • Entertainment and dance (Troopers were
  • Some new coats and boots purchased.
1928 · Revised By-Laws.· Joined Chenango County Fire Association.· Siren purchased.· Fire Company moved to West Street remodeled Blacksmith Shop(current American Legion Hall).· Ordered Sanford truck with booster tank and 500 gallon per minute pump.
1927 · Company reorganized.
1925 · Still renting D.A. Parker building (name changed to Fire Hall) for $85 per year.
1917 · Gaskin House fire.
1909 · New book of By-Laws printed.· Ball & Dinner held.
1905 · Prizes awarded at Ball:

  • Best costumes: 1 box of cigars for
    gentlemen/$2 cash for ladies

· Two parade trumpets purchased.

1904 · A 600 pound bell was purchased.· Belfry constructed on roof.
1903 · Twenty-Two (22) Gray Uniforms purchased.· Voted to limit Fire Company membership to 25.
1902` · Purchased Hand-drawn Ladder Cart and two ladders.· Motion is made to take pictures of buildings that are damaged by fire.
1901 · H.A. O’Dell was appointed hydrant tender by Chief Pope.· New stove purchased for Meeting Room.· Fire at Stone’s Blacksmith Shop – May 6th.
1900 · Hudson and Rutherford would would furnish supper for Masquerade Party at 25 cents per plate.
Brady House fire – November 30th.
1899 · Annual Ball & Supper held.· Firemen’s dues – 10 cents per month.· The old School House from North Street was moved to South Street and became the Town Hall.  Part of this building was rented to the Fire Department for equipment and meetings (alarm was placed on the roof).  This was known as the D.A. Parker
1898 · Members caught playing cards on Sunday or for money in the Club Room will be expelled from the Fire Company.
1897 · Masked Ball & Supper held.· Town Board offered to pay Fire 18 Company $25 toward expense of Club Room in the Opera
1896 · Edmeston Water Works install hydrants.· Purchased:

  • One dozen water pails
  • Two wheel hand drawn cart with hose reel
  • 200 feet of hose
  • Badges

· The first Masquerade Ball held.

1895 · 100 copies of Constitution and By-Laws were printed.· Hopkins Hose Company won $40 at the Edmeston Fair.

  • $10 went to the Company and $30 to team members.

· A tower made at Ackerman’s Mill was placed on the Opera House roof to hold an O & W tire – this was used for the Fire Alarm.


· November 21
– Company reorganized to become Edmeston Fire Company of the Village of Edmeston.

  • Constitution and By-Laws approved Hose Companies to be selected from the Fire Company.
  • Members appointed by the Town Board.
  • Old Company member resigned and joined new
1892 · The Edmeston Fire Company of Road District No. 11 was organized.

  • A hand-drawn, hand-operated pump was purchased.
  • Church Bells were used to sound the alarm.
  • Equipment was housed in the lower part of Spencer Hall (called Engine Room).
  • Meeting Room (Club Room) was in the Opera House – Rent $2 per month.
1891 · A fire in Bootman’s barn was extinguished by a bucket brigade
— a need for a Fire Department was realized.


Edmeston Volunteer Fire Department Chiefs

2011 – Present Arthur R. Klingler, Jr.
2009 – 2010 Michael Hume
2006 – 2008 Arthur R. Klingler, Jr.

2002 – 2005

Lauren Waite
1993 – 2001 Michael R. Molloy
1989 – 1992 Kris Tilbe
1986 – 1988 Fred Tilbe
1980 – 1986 Gary Goodier
1965 – 1979 Fred Tilbe
1958 – 1964 Clyde Goodier
1956 – 1958 Arn Rollins
1948 – 1956 Tom Lockerbie
1942 – 1947 Finley Card
1938 – 1941 William Welch
1930 – 1937 Finley Card
1928 – 1929 Dan Pope
1927 LeRoy Palmer
1899 – 1921 Dan Pope
1895 – 1899 L. D. Hopkins
1894 C. D. Pratt